The ultimate baselayer from Paramo Clothing


Golly, it has been a while! And it feels so good to be back on the blogging bandwagon.

I gave up all forms of social media for lent this year. I’m not religious but I like the idea of giving up something that is inarguably bad for me and taking up something soul-nourishing instead. The later part of that was going to be me picking up the guitar again, but I failed miserably there. 40+ days without social media was mostly total bliss. It was freeing and I spent far more time reading and listening to podcasts instead of finding myself scrolling mindlessly through Instagram. However, I did feel a bit out-of-the-loop as I began to realise friends’ Facebook conversations continued without me, events were popping up that I couldn’t access the details of, and I couldn’t share anything I felt particularly passionate about. Since Easter Sunday, I’ve been trying not to slip into my old ways… and so far, I’m using social media at far healthier levels.

But now I’m back and I think it’s time I talked about Paramo, because what they do as an outdoor clothing brand is something pretty special.

I first mentioned Paramo in my post 3 Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Brands to Write Home About where I was blown-away by their use of recycling, refusal to use PFCs in the creation of their waterproofs, and their fair trade practices, employing vulnerable women in Colombia to make 80% of their clothing. Having created a partnership with the Miquelina Foundation, Colombia back in 1992, the brand ensures that 200 women are employed, 400 women are trained, and 200 children attend nursery, each year. The cooperative has also built over 130 houses so far, giving the women an opportunity to buy property at a fair price.

So when I received an email a couple of weeks ago from the lovely Fiona at Paramo asking me if I wanted to try out their new Women’s Grid Technic Hoodie, I said a big fat YES.


I chose it in classic black and dark grey but you can also go for a pink combo. I wore it to The Castle Climbing Centre in Stoke Newington because they have this rad outdoor bouldering area, and it was a bit chilly so I could test the temperature-control fabric.

Paramo call this fabric Parameta G, and they state that it’s an ‘incredibly versatile Directional polyester fabric which can provide either cooling or insulation when needed’ as it wicks your sweat away from your skin. I can testify to that because as I warmed up on the boulders, I didn’t feel myself getting too hot or breaking a sweat as much as I would have done wearing my normal cotton hoodie. The soft fleece is designed to stick close to the skin which makes this an ideal baselayer for dynamic physical activity such as climbing or cycling, as there is no excess material to get in the way.


I love the addition of the close-fitting ‘ninja’ hood as it makes this baselayer easy to wear underneath a helmet when climbing or cycling.  I also liked the subtle asymmetric zip, designed to stop the zip from rubbing your chin, and the understated branding which is iconic of all Paramo’s clothing.

All in all, I’m beyond chuffed with my first piece of Paramo and I’m keen to test their NikWax PFC-free waterproof jackets next!



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