My New Year’s Resolutions



As today marks the threshold of yet another year (a pretty challenging and worrying one ahead in many ways, for the environment and otherwise) I thought I would introduce my personal resolutions and goals for 2017, in the hope that putting finger to keyboard and publishing them to cyberspace will help make me stick to them.

ONE: Don’t give up on this blog – in fact, up the ante.

To be honest, around the end of September this year, I had a bit of a crisis of confidence and considered sacking-in Flickthegreen. I had been lacking in energy and inspiration to write, and I felt like nobody was really listening anyway.

Then, as if my mind had been read, I received an email a couple of days later from a man called Dave Wakley:

Hi Felicity,

I came across your website whilst trawling the internet for stuff about Finisterre (clothing). I’m not in the habit of writing to/contacting anyone out of the blue, but I was so inspired and cheered by your blog that I had to tell someone – the best person for that you seem to be you.

I’m so lifted in spirit by your energy and feeling for the planet/people/life, and I like to think that there are many more like you out there. I’m 53, lacking in energy, and probably part of the generations responsible for the way things are now. I have two daughters, Agnes who’s 11 and Freya who’s 9. They can, and will be whatever they want to be in life, but I’d very much like them to be something like you when it comes to principle and action and approach to life. I’m going to show them your blog when they get back from school. You never know – you could be inspirational.

Anyway, if your still reading; keep on doing what you’re doing. I have a good feeling about the future knowing that you and your ilk (is that a word?) are fighting for a more just world.

Kind regards


If I hadn’t been at work at the time, I definitely would have had a little cry. It made me so happy to know that I had touched somebody, even just one Dave, with my blog. After all, “you never know – you could be inspirational”. This email came just at the right time and I believe that it was a sign. Hopefully I’ll stand side-by-side with Agnes and Freya at climate marches to come. And yes, Dave, ‘ilk’ is a word.

The Trump travesty has taught us that 2017 is not the year to be slacking in our fight for the environment. I plan to up the ante, not only via my blog, but also through eco-activism. February brings the start of my Non-Violent Direct Action journey with Greenpeace, and it can’t come soon enough.

TWO: Spend less time on social media.

I’m ashamed to admit that I tend to check my phone obsessively. This needs to stop.

THREE: Get out on the bike more – and I don’t mean just for the commute.

I am lucky to have been gifted my Dad’s old road bike and it’s a dream to ride. So I want to take her on some trips worthy of her time. Starting with London to Brighton and back, perhaps the London 100, and then, who knows… Land’s End to John O’Groats?! 

FOUR: Save some money.

A girl can dream.

FIVE: Cook more. And go for recipes that avoid cheese.

I have some great cookbooks that I’ve barely pursued, and James and I becoming vegetarian has left us clinging to meat’s fatty and flavoursome bi-product. I got a slow-cooker for Christmas so black dhal is so on the menu.

SIX: Go bouldering for real.

James and I go indoor bouldering at The Arch in Bermondsey at least once a week, but it’s about time we save up, buy a bouldering mat then hit the actual rock. There are boulders with dozens of routes plonked in a few parks dotted around London, so we’ll probably start there.

SEVEN: See more live music.

This one is off to a good start as we’ve just bought tickets to see BadBadNotGood in May.


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