Greenpeace Summer Garden Party


Last Friday, I was honoured to be invited to Greenpeace UK’s Annual Summer Garden Party at their offices in Angel…

Greenpeace UK HQ

Where the magic happens…

Not everyone who volunteers for Greenpeace in London is invited along to this event, so I was beyond chuffed to be one of the select few from South West London Greenpeace, along with my housemate Philly and my sister Alice.

There was A LOT of free booze flying about and towards the end of the night, I dropped my phone down the toilet. It is now totally out-of-action and at the phone doctors which is sad, but hey it is just an object. However, I was gutted because I thought the only photo I had from the night was the one above and that I’d lost all the other great photos I’d just taken… BUT, thank God for Facebook’s syncing system because I actually found them all backed up online. Horrah! So I can still show you how magical the garden setting was…

Yurt - Greenpeace HQ

The SW London Greenpeace girls and the yurt.

Girls and marshmallows

… and toasting vegan marshmallows.

Save the Arctic 30

Philly with a lovely handmade cushion #FreeTheArctic30

Live band

It was like a mini festival!

vegan burger van - Ruperts Street

Ruperts Street vegan burger van, yum!

Me and Phil from the Arctic 30

Me with Phil Ball from the Arctic 30 (fan-girling a wee bit)


At the beginning of the night, we were given a secret tour by Abbie – who now works for Greeenpeace’s Direct Action Team, but used to be leader of our volunteer group. She showed us the warehouse where they keep all the gear and props ready for any Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA). There were boats, wetsuits, climbing gear, polar bear costumes, and much more. It was like being behind the scenes of a movie set, seeing all the objects which have played such a vital role in those famous Greenpeace campaigns. I won’t say much more, as it was a ‘secret’ tour after all. Apparently, even other members of staff in the main office don’t always know what goes on in the warehouse…

I had a fantastic night, not least because I got to spend time with some of the wonderful people from SW London GP when we usually just have a beer together once a month, but the whole experience also confirmed my dream of working for an environmental charity – hopefully one day, Greenpeace.



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