The Ultimate Eco Bucket List


There’s a lot of depressing climate news floating about at the moment. The Guardian’s Keep It In The Ground campaign has uncovered that Shell’s company documents reveal a business plan that would mean a catastrophic 4°C rise in global temperature (twice the level that’s considered safe for the planet) and meanwhile China’s coal boom is choking its population and causing environmental refugees. The health of our planet is looking pretty bleak…

So, I thought I’d make a list to cheer myself up (I love making lists). This is my very-slightly-ambitious Ultimate Eco Bucket List to keep me on track to becoming a healthier, more sustainable and ethical, me. I’ll cross off the ones I manage to achieve…


1. Sign up with WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) – help an organic farmer in exchange for food, accommodation and learning.

2. Actually do some WWOOFing. 




3. Get an allotment. Easier said than done, waiting lists in London are lengthy…

4. Grow my own herbs.

5. Grow my own fruit and vegetables.

6. Only eat the fruit and vegetables I have grown myself. This one is going to be damn near impossible. But I’m putting it down anyway because I was introduced to an inspirational lady recently, she owns an allotment a few plots down from my auntie’s, whose diet consists only of what she has grown in her allotment (so that means no grains, only potatoes for carbs) and organic, free range meat which she has sourced from local farms.

7. Eat less meat.

8. Become a vegetarian. This one will be hard, as I am living with a carnivore boyfriend.

Chicken at Notting Hill Carnival

We ate a lot of jerk chicken at Notting Hill Carnival…


9. Buy a beehive, keep my own bees, and jar-up their honey. This one I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. James has been suffering BIG time with hayfever as the pollen count is currently at its highest level, and I read that if you eat the honey from your local area it can help you become tolerant to some of the local pollens. I suppose it’s a bit like introducing peanut oil in small doses to children with peanut allergies. Besides hayfever, bees keep the world going round and are endangered, so they need as many new homes as they can get.


Picture: John Lawrence 07850 429934


10. Keep chickens for eggs (and fertile compost). I’ve realised a lot of these points involve having a garden… so I better find a place with a garden.

11. Either recycle my existing clothing, or only buy from ethical and sustainable clothing brands. Ethical clothing is expensive, true. But all clothing would be that expensive if there wasn’t some sort of human or environmental injustice going on somewhere. I just hope that with the rise of environmental-awareness, some slightly more young and trendy brands will pop in the clothing industry because I’m not too keen on dressing like a mother-of-three a la People Tree and Bibico. I’m relying on my sister Alice to fill this gap in the market! She studies fashion design at Birmingham City at the moment, but she’s been thinking more about ethics and sustainability since joining Greenpeace with me. Here’s her delightful blog, Al a Mode

12. Sign up with Ecotricity. Apparently conventional electricity is responsible for 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions – it’s our biggest single source as a nation. So one of the biggest ways in which I can help personally help the planet is by switching to a greener energy provider.

13. Get solar panels. Note: will need house first.

14. Only use natural washing detergents, toiletries and cosmetics.


I seem to have run out of ideas for now…

What would you add to this list?


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