Post-Election Ponderings


Green Party

Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week now, I’ve been drowning in the sorrows of having to face another 5 years of a Tory government…

On Friday, I went Kensington Olympia for The Place in the Sun Expo with work (I do marketing for a holiday rentals company) where we had a stand. One man, looking to buy a property, came up to me and said: “you must be pleased that the Tories got in – especially as everyone’s been waiting to see how the election pans out before they buy a holiday home.” It’s safe to say I said very little in response and he soon walked his pompous arse off in the other direction.

In general, London looked pretty down and there was a solemn vibe on the train home.

It’s easy to feel despondent and helpless when politics epicly fails you, but what we need to do now is channel that anger into action, so here are a select few of the many things that you can get involved with to get that voice of yours heard:

  • Go to Speak Up For The Love Of… Day Of Action On Climate Change in London, where you can speak to your local MPs about how they propose to protect the planet – 17th June
  • Join the End Austerity Now march in London, organised by The People’s Assembly – 20th June
  • Start volunteering for the charities who protect the values of the common people that the Tory government do not share – whether that’s tackling homelessness amongst youths by helping charities such as Depaul UK (seeing as though housing benefits for under 21s is being scrapped…) or by joining a Greenpeace group.

Something needs to change in the way we do voting in the UK. Under proportional representation, the Green Party would have 24 MPs, rather than the 1 (the wonderful Caroline Lucas) that they have under the current circumstances. Although, I suppose one saving grace is that at least we don’t have 83 UKIP MPs


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