Living the simple life in Lanzarote


So this happened a little while ago now, back in March. But I seem to have been storing thoughts for this blog for a long time, without doing much about it.

James, my boyfriend, and I went to Lanzarote on the search for sun and surf. Neither of us have much money, being graduates and living in London, so we went for the cheapest accommodation we could on Airbnb – this campervan near La Santa, north of the island:

Campervan La Santa, Lanzarote

Our home for the week

Inside the campervan… cosy

It cost us just £7 each per night to stay in this little gem. It came with a make-shift outdoor loo, a solar powered shower, a cooking area sheltered by old wooden crates, and a BBQ.

Turns out, no one really needs more than that to have an amazing, relaxing holiday. In fact, sticking to the bare necessities might just be the only way to truly relax.

We had no internet or electricity, so James and I played Scrabble by candlelight and drew shockingly-bad pictures of each other with the pencil and notepad that was left inside the Scrabble box. We filled our evenings with trying to keep the wind (which is strong in the Canary Islands) from blowing out the flame on the camping stove and our nights staring at the stars (which are at their brightest in the Canary Islands).

Here’s James washing up while I lie in bed…

This charming vehicle is owned by Kerry and Kevin, a welsh couple who retired to Lanzarote a few years ago – leaving behind their stressful corporate lives to start a sustainable farm. They live in a finca, a short walk away from the campervan so James and I saw them pretty much everyday, and they charged our phones for us using their solar-generated electricity. Kez and Kev are almost 100% self-sufficient, apart from the use of their cars. Their lives are so stripped-back out there, consisting simply of farming, seeing friends, hiking and surfing.

Kevin surfs everyday, and the both of them look like the happiest, healthiest people on earth. Here’s a couple who are doing life right. Take note. We certainly have.


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